Pollux9+ Gen3 strobe ökugeisli Led ljóskastari

55.482 kr. m.vsk.

Pollux9+ Gen3 strobe 9 tommu led kastari, Ökugeisli

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Nýjasta týpan af Pollux9+ Gen3 kemur nú með powerboost sem gerir það að verkum að hann er að drífa miklu lengra en Gen2 týpan.

Pollux9+ Gen3 drífur 659 metra 1lux  sem er 179 metrum lengra en Gen2.

Þessi Pollux9+ strobe  Gen3 kemur með blikki.

Oflugt blikk með nokkrum stillingum.

LEDSON Pollux9+ Generation 3: More powerful and smarter than ever

With Pollux9+ Generation 3 you improve your driving experience with the latest technology from Ledson in an additional light that is packed with functions. With impressive 120W power and the ground-breaking function pulse-controlled Powerboost, this third generation of Pollux9+ has increased flexibility and improved brightness when needed most.

Pollux9+ Generation 3 provides outstanding brightness and range to ensure superior visibility and safety in all driving conditions. With its rugged design, the Pollux9+ Generation 3 is built to withstand tough conditions and is ready to deliver superior performance for a long time to come. 


Pulse-controlled Powerboost – It doesn’t get smoother

Pollux9+ Gen3 comes equipped with Powerboost – an extra power mode for those moments when you need maximum lighting. You can conveniently switch between standard and power boost mode from the driver’s seat of your vehicle. With the new generation Powerboost from Ledson,



Toggle Powerboost mode with “ 10+10+5″

This is done most easily with the ‘light horn’ when the light switch is in the off or parking light position

  1. Turn on the auxiliary light for about 10 seconds (between 7-13 seconds)
  2. Flash the auxiliary light in rapid succession 10 times (within 10 seconds)
  3. The eleventh time you should have the auxiliary light on and after about 5 seconds the Powerboost function will automatically switch on or off


TIR reflectors

TIR stands for Total Inner Reflection and means that all light is effectively reflected and directed before it is sent out from the reflector. The stray light (the light that is not directed but that disappears „unfocused“ out of the lighting without doing any real use) is minimized. A traditional reflector directs and focuses most of the light but far from all, the Pollux 9+ has these TIR reflectors for maximum light.


Choose your light pattern: Driving or Spot Beam

Choose between Driving Beam for a balanced light image that complements your vehicle’s headlights, or Spot Beam for a powerful and focused light beam that illuminates the road in front of you efficiently.



Choose between five different flash light patterns and synchronize this between your Pollux9+ Gen3 additional lights. Either these extra lights can be connected to synchronize flash across all connected devices or they can be connected in two groups to get alternating flash image.


Mounting on the vehicle

  • Can be mounted smoothly and neatly with the help of a number plate holder or pipe bracket.

  • Characteristics:
  • E-marked (ref. 37.5 for Driving Beam, ref. 50 for Spot Beam), ECE R112 / R10 / R7 (white position light) – Read more about E-marks here
  • Equipped with pulse-controlled power boost
  • EMC protected (do not interfere with the radio)
  • Five different approved flash patterns, one ECE R65 approved
  • With position lights (4 LEDs) yellow-orange or xenon white (switch on the color you want)
  • „Driving beam“ light pattern (33491238) or „Spot Beam“ light pattern (33491239) – choose version
  • Range Driving Beam: 407 m (1 lux), Powerboost: 659 m (1 lux)
  • Range Spot Beam: 493 m (1 lux), Powerboost: 805 m (1 lux)
  • 4200 lumens (theoretical), 3500 lumens (actual)
  • Powerboost 13000 lumens (theoretical), 10500 lumens (actual)
  • Color temperature 5000K (Neutral white)
  • TIR optical system (Total Inner Reflection)
  • Pressure equalization membrane
  • 36 month warranty


Technical data:

  • 120W (12 x 10W LED) + 4 x 3W LED for flash light
  • Nominal power 92.4 W
  • IP68 & IP69K (water/dustproof) – Read more about IP rating here
  • DT connector (6-pin) included
  • Electronic heat management
  • Voltage 9-36 V
  • Load 3.2 A @ 12 V and 1.6 A @ 24 V
  • Load Powerboost 9.8 A @ 12 V and 4.6 A @ 24 V


Dimensions & weight:

  • Width: 218 mm
  • Height: 234.5 mm (incl. bracket)
  • Depth: 68.5 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Cable length: 650 mm



  • Ledson Pollux9+ Generation 3 LED additional light
  • Bolts and screws to attach the auxiliary light with either one or two attachment points

Installation instructions for cables (detailed installation instructions are included with the product):

  • Red: Extra light (+)
  • Black: Additional light / Position light (- earth)
  • White: Position light (+) white light
  • Yellow: Position light (+) yellow-orange light
  • Green: Flash light (+)
  • Blue: Sync & Pattern (+) 
  • Brown: Alternating (+)


Flash Light Pattern:

  • Single flash (ECE R65 approved)
  • Double flash
  • Triple flash
  • Quadruple lightning
  • Continuous hyper flash