Nova C 50″ Ledbar

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LEDSON NovaC 252w boginn ledbar sem fellur vel að sveigðum línum. 

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Nova C 50″ LED ramp (Curved, Driving Beam)

Curved design (C = Curved) with Driving Beam light pattern (Drive)

A curved ramp often looks nicer mounted on the vehicle as many cars have a slightly curved front that a curved ramp then matches.

Driving Beam „mimics“ the vehicle’s regular light pattern. You thus get a similar light spread to your existing vehicle’s low & full beam, but reinforced.


  • Curved design to match cars with a curved front
  • Driving Beam light pattern (wide and oblong)
  • E-marked ECE R112 (ref. 50) – Read more about E-marks here
  • ECE R10 (EMC rated)
  • 22200 lumens (theoretical), 18800 lumens (actual)
  • Color temperature 6000K (cool white)
  • Range 460 (1 lux) with 50m width (10 lux)
  • Double mounting possibilities


Technical data:



  • Nova C 50″ LED ramp
  • Side mounted legs
  • Sliding mounts
  • Bolts and screws to attach the ramp to the appropriate surface
  • DTP/ATP connector
  • Installation instructions 



  • Width: 1274 mm
  • Height: 40 mm
  • Depth: 58 mm
  • Cable length: 520 mm

NOTE: The DTP/ATP connector must not be cut as this means an increased risk of moisture damage and the warranty will then cease to apply. DTP/ATP connector (male) with joint included with the product.