LEDSON Orion10+ LED ljóskastari (1stk)

47.373 kr. m.vsk.


Með stöðuljósi, appelsínugult eða xenon hvítt.


100W (4 x 25W LED)

  • IP68/IP69K (vatns og rykvarið)

    DT tengi / DT-adapter 2-4 pin supplied with the product

    9-36 V

    Neysla: 6,8 A @ 12 V og 3,4 A @ 24 V


    Breidd: 247 mm

    Hæð: 141 mm (176 mm með festingu)

    Dýpt: 92 mm

    Þyngd: 1,82 kg

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Orion10+ Gen2 Strobe with flash light

The Orion10+ Gen2 Strobe is a further development of the Orion10+ Gen2. In addition to everything that a regular Orion10+ Gen2 has, this extra light is also equipped with a flash light. Its flash consists of four strong LEDs that can be used in five different flash patterns, one of which is R65-approved.

„Strongest oval lamp“ in Trailer magazine!
The strongest of the tested oval headlights. Unique with a stylish design with two vertical decorative light surfaces that provide a neat assembly with several lamps mounted low. Pronounced high-beam character, which gives a good light image that reaches far if several are mounted together.

Lightning pattern

  • Single flash (ECE R65)
  • Double flash
  • Triple flash
  • Quadruple lightning
  • Continuous hyper flash


Synchronizable and with alternating flash patterns

Orion10+ Gen2 Strobe can be synchronized with each other, which means that all additional lights use the same flash pattern and flash in time/synchronized. But you also have the option of an alternating flash pattern, which means that your additional lights can be divided into two different groups so that they flash opposite each other (e.g. right / left or upper / lower). All flash patterns can be used alternately, which means that you get 10 different flash patterns with this function. You can synchronize and use alternating flash patterns with an infinite number of additional lights, i.e. there are no restrictions on the number.

A long list of technical, but important, features

In addition to its beautiful design, the auxiliary light is also equipped with a stylish position light that can be set between xenon white and orange: you choose which one you want, if you get tired of one over time, just switch. Orion10+ Gen2 has a range of E-marks ECE R112 / R65 / R10 / R7, 8500 actual lumens, 6000K light temperature for a modern look, ETM / EMC (explained under features below), side reflective optical system, and more….together with a great performance, the Orion10+ has that coveted want-to-have feeling!

Thanks to its size and design, the Orion10+ Gen2 is really nicely mounted both on cars, larger cars and trucks.


Driving Beam light image

Driving Beam’s reflectors are all computer generated and manufactured to give a similar light image as combo but more even and within the framework of what is legal. It mimics and reinforces the car’s existing headlights and light image.


  • Can be mounted smoothly and neatly with the help of a license plate holder or pipe bracket. 
  • We strongly recommend using our DT relay with original connection to connect the LED auxiliary light to the vehicle. You then have the option to choose between controlling the auxiliary light with a button or connecting it to the high beam (the auxiliary light then turns on and off automatically together with when the high beam turns on and off, which most people prefer). There is then also a fuse between the auxiliary light and the battery to prevent possible damage to the battery and other equipment. 


  • Flash light (4 orange LEDs) with 5 different flash patterns
  • Position lights, yellow-orange or xenon white (switch on the color you want)
  • Driving beam light image that imitates and enhances the vehicle’s ordinary light image
  • E-marked E9 (Ref. 37.5), ECE R112 / R65 / R10 / R7 (white position light) – Read more about E-markings here
  • Range: 850 m (0.25 lux), 444 m (1 lux)
  • EMC protected (do not interfere with the radio)
  • 10000 lumens (theoretical), 8500 lumens (actual)
  • Cool white light (6000 K)
  • ETM (Electronic Thermal Management) – adjusts the strength of the diodes depending on how hot they are for optimal lifespan
  • Side reflective optical system
  • Pressure equalization membrane
  • Aluminum cooling flange
  • Adjustable bracket in stainless steel
  • Lexan polycarbonate front guard
  • 36 month warranty


Technical data:

  • 100W (4 x 25W LEDs)
  • IP69K (water/dustproof) – Read more about IP rating here
  • DT connector / DT adapter 2-4 pin included
  • Voltage 9-36 V
  • Load 6.8 A @ 12 V and 3.4 A @ 24 V


Dimensions & weight:

  • Width: 247 mm
  • Height: 141 mm (176 mm including bracket)
  • Depth: 92 mm
  • Weight: 1.82 kg
  • Cable length: 650 mm



  • Orion10+ Gen2 Strobe LED auxiliary light 10″
  • Bracket, bolts and screws to attach the auxiliary light with either one or two attachment points
  • DT connector (6-pin) complete with  


Installation instructions for cables (detailed installation instructions included):

  • Red: Extra light (+)
  • Black: Additional light / Position light (- ground)
  • White: Position light (+) white light
  • Yellow: Position light (+) yellow-orange light
  • Green: Flash light (+)
  • Blue: Sync & Pattern (+)
  • Brown: Alternating (+)

NOTE: The DT connector must not be cut as this means an increased risk of moisture damage and the warranty then ceases to apply.