Ledson OptoGuard blikkbar 317mm Smoke

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Ledson Optoguard blikkbar

317mm breiður.

Reyklitað gler.


EMC, ECE R10, CISPR25 class 3

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Ledson OptoGuard Protector: Revolutionize your vehicle’s safety and aesthetics

For those looking for a high-performance and stylish warning light bar, look no further than the Ledson OptoGuard Protector range. With its ultra-thin and aerodynamic design, it minimizes drag and delivers fuel efficiency that beats the competition. The Ledson OptoGuard Protector is one of the thinnest warning light bars on the market, only 26mm high.
Approved according to ECE R65 class 2, these light ramps are ready to meet the demands of night driving with the dimming function to increase safety.

Choose between the classic clear lens or Smoke, the mysterious smoke colored variant, to match the design of your vehicle. With the unique triple flash pattern approved for both class 1 and 2, we guarantee increased visibility and attention on the road

With E-marking, EMC safety and IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, our light ramps are built to be durable and reliable. In addition, each Protector comes with a generous 36-month warranty for your total peace of mind.

Take the step towards increased safety and style with the Ledson OptoGuard Protector range. Our light ramps are not only bright, they are also an investment in your safety on the road. Order your Protector today and drive and work out on the roads with confidence.

Assembly and control:

The two lengths of 317 mm are mounted with a center bolt and a magnetic attachment and are controlled via cables and a cigarette plug.



  • E-marked: ECE R65 class 2 – Read more about E-marks here
  • EMC-safe: ECE R10, CISPR25 class 3
  • Lightning pattern: 13 or 17 pieces, depending on length (317mm has 13 pieces, the rest has 17 pieces)
  • Power: 80W-236 W (depending on length)
  • Glass color: Clear glass
  • Color LED: Orange
  • Voltage: 10-30 V
  • IP rating IP67 (water and dustproof) – Read more about IP rating here
  • 36 month warranty



  • Length: 317 mm to 2000 mm (select length from the list)
  • Width: 220 mm
  • Height: 26 mm
  • Cable length: 5 m (Magnet mount 2.4 m and center bolt 0.5 m)


Flash pattern (775 mm and larger): 

  • Triple flash, alternating left & right – day mode (R65 class 2)
  • Triple flash, alternating left & right – night mode (R65 class 1)
  • Cruise mode (weak steady light)
  • Wandering from the center
  • Walking to the left
  • Walking to the right
  • Single flash – day mode (R65 class 2)
  • Single flash – night mode (R65 class 1)
  • Dual flash – day mode (R65 class 2)
  • Triple flash, alternating front/rear/all
  • Triple flash, alternating center/ends/all
  • Quadruple flash
  • Single flash alternating left & right
  • Wandering flash alternating in & out
  • Wandering Lightning
  • 2 x wandering flash – day mode (R65 class 2)
  • 2 x wandering flash – night mode (R65 class 1)