LEDSON Juno 11″ Driving 45w

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LEDSON Juno 11″ LED bar 45w (Driving Beam)

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Juno 11″

The low construction height makes this ramp from LEDSON one of the market’s most easily placed ramps! From a distance it is barely visible, but the closer you get, the more visible its distinctly aggressive and modern exterior becomes. This is a ramp for those who want the latest & the thinnest, but something that in a confident way still gives the vehicle an attractive added value.

This is the smallest of the ramps in the Juno series at 11 inches (27.5 cm wide)

Dual mounting and lower front radar: We have a specially made holder for cars with lower front radar and which is intended for dual mounting: Holder for 2 x Ledson Juno 11″ (item no. 3346058 )

Complete package with two Juno 11″ and holder available here!


What else is needed?

  • DT relay kit:  We strongly recommend using our DT relay with original connection to connect the LED ramp to the vehicle. You then have the option to choose between controlling the ramp with a button or connecting it to the high beams (the ramp then turns on and off automatically together with when the high beams turn on and off, which most people prefer). There is then also a fuse between the auxiliary light and the battery to prevent possible damage to the battery and other equipment. Detailed installation instructions are included with the DT relay  (can be downloaded here) .
  • Mounting on the vehicle:  Can be mounted directly on the vehicle (drill in the appropriate place) or a little more smoothly and stylishly with the help of a license plate holder or pipe bracket.



  • EMC-protected according to ECE R10
  • „Driving beam“ light pattern (wide and oblong)
  • 3780 lumens (actual 2350)
  • Color temperature 5700K (cool white)
  • Range 450 m (0.25 lux), 260 m (1 lux)
  • Double mounting possibilities


Technical data:

  • 45 W (9 x 5 W OSRAM LED)
  • IP67 / IP69K (water/dustproof) – Read more about IP rating here
  • Aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens
  • DT connector (supplied)
  • Voltage: 10-48 V



  • Width: 275 mm
  • Height: 33 mm (excluding mounts)
  • Depth: 68 mm
  • Cable length: 650 mm


NOTE: The DT connector must not be cut as this means an increased risk of moisture damage and the warranty then ceases to apply. DT connector (male) with joint included with the product.