Ledson Commander takkaborð með 8 tökkum

49.990 kr. m.vsk.

Ledson relay box með 8 port fyrir aukaljós

2 x 5A    2 x10A    2 x 20A    2 x 30A

Rauður vír fyrir svissstraum og gulur vír til að tengja háuljósin inn á port 1 og 5 sem eru bæði 30A

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1. Max total current: 60A (720W at 12V, 1440W at 24V).
2. 8 individually programmable switches.
3. The maximum total current of this device is 60A.
4. Maximum current per output at 12V:
– Output fuses 1 and 5 are 30A – activated when yellow cable receives power –
Output fuses 2 and 6 are 20A
– Output fuses 3 and 7 are 10A
– Output fuses 4 and 8 are 5A
– If the output has been overloaded, a red LED will indicate next to the blown fuse
5. The maximum power for an output should not be more than 300W (25A @ 12V).
6. Built-in Bluetooth for app control.
7. Protection against overheating, overload, short circuit, polarity protection.
8. Direct high beam control to circuit 1 and circuit 5.
9. Programmable icons.
10. Backlit switches with selectable backlight.
11. LED indication for overload/broken fuse.
12. Each switch can be programmed for three different functions:
– Switch between On/Off
– Switch between On/Off as long as the button is pressed
– Strobe function