LEDSON Alfa 20″ 216W Powerboost

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Ledson Alfa 20″ with the possibility of Powerboost!

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Ledson Alfa 20″ with the possibility of Powerboost!

Alfa 20″ Powerboost lets you choose whether you want to drive E-marked (ECE R112) with 1 lux brightness at 468 meters or with extra power in the light with Powerboost activated and 1 lux at 744 meters (not E-marked). You simply activate the stronger Powerboost option by removing a fuse at the DTP/ATP connector.

This flexible solution allows you to drive E-marked or with Boost depending on the mileage, season or simply what you prefer. Ledson Alfa delivers, regardless of the position you choose, large amounts of light and ensures that your driving is safe and comfortable while the led ramp looks really nice on your vehicle.


Combined light image (combo)

A combined light image is a mix between high beam (distance) and flood light (width). The ramp has diodes that reflect light both straight ahead and to the sides. This light pattern is ideal if you want a lot of light close to the vehicle for the smaller roads but still have the length to illuminate the road far ahead.



  • Combo Beam light pattern (wide and oblong)
  • E-marked ECE R112 (ref. 50) NOTE: only when Powerboost is not activated – Read more about E-markings here
  • ECE R10 (EMC rated)
  • Range without Turboboost: 468 m (1 lux)
  • Range with Turboboost: 744 m (1 lux)
  • Color temperature 5000K (cool white)
  • Dual mounting options (rear-mounted sliding brackets and side-mounted legs)


Technical data:

  • 216 W (36 x 6 W LP LED)
  • Side reflective optics
  • Electronic heat management
  • IP68/IP69K: withstands hot water under pressure – Read more about IP classification here
  • Aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens
  • DTP/ATP connector (supplied)
  • Voltage: 9-36V



  • Alfa 20″ Powerboost LED ramp
  • Side mounted legs
  • Sliding mounts (standing/hanging)
  • Bolts and screws to attach the ramp to the appropriate surface
  • DTP/ATP connector
  • Installation instructions


Dimensions & weight (excl. brackets):

  • Width: 522 mm
  • Height: 58 mm
  • Depth: 53 mm
  • Cable length: 650 mm

NOTE: The DTP/ATP connector must not be cut as this means an increased risk of moisture damage and the warranty will then cease to apply. DTP/ATP connector (male) with joint included with the product.